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All of my ancient coin jewelry incorporates ONLY AUTHENTIC ancient coins that have been carefully selected for use in my designs.  The majority of these coins come from my personal collection that spans over 30 years of advanced collecting.  I have carefully selected each coin from the perspective of a critical collector seeking only coins that possess a nice strike, pleasing detail and beautiful patina.  Since each coin was struck over a thousand years ago using crude methods, none will be perfectly round and slight adjustments to the coin are typical but not defacing.  The photos hardly do these pieces justice.  The rich combination of the gold and silver showcasing the varieties of patinated ancient metal is incredible!  Most of the ancient coins I use are of a quality and type that appreciate in value over time just like any other rare collectible.

Since ancient coins were hand struck from varying hand-engraved dies, no two coins are exactly alike.  Each coin is itself, a unique specimen of ancient art and makes for a true one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you can count on no one else will haveI can assure you that each coin is as unique and rare (if not much more!) than any gemstone.  Even if you had twenty coins that were struck two thousand years ago from the same die, each one would still be different because of the crude striking methods.  They would most likely even be colored differently due to the varying chemistry of the patina on the metal surface as they lay in the Earth for millennia.

ANCIENT ROMAN COIN GOLD RINGIf you ever see ancient coin jewelry elsewhere, pay close attention to the quality of the coins used and compare the quality and uniqueness of the types that I incorporate in my work.  You will usually see a difference, assuming the coins they are using are GENUINE! 

Since the coins used are actual artifacts, authenticity should be a concern.  With the mind-boggling proliferation of fake ancient coins on the market, there are people and pieces to AVOID and you should take note of the experience that a jewelry company has with regards to identification and attribution of GENUINE ancient coins.  I have been in business since 1986 and since that time, I have extensively worked with genuine ancient coins, as well served in conservator, curator and consultant roles in a number of international museums.  I only acquire my coins from reliable, reputable and legal sources.  My knowledge and experience coupled with an extensive reference library allows me to not only guarantee EACH AND EVERY COIN AS GENUINE, but also provide a relevant history with each piece of jewelry which pertains to the coin.

ANCIENT ROMAN REPUBLIC COIN GOLD NECKLACESome of the pieces are classified as MASTERPIECE COLLECTION.  I completely hand-fabricate these works of art and sign the back with my hallmark, the crossed 'M'.  They are what I consider the 'crème de la crème" of my ancient coin works.  While I personally create the majority of the other settings shown here, those in my Masterpiece Collection are given great attention to design and detail and involve much more work, thereby explaining the higher price.

Ancient coin jewelry is probably one of the only types of jewelry that BOTH men and women find fascinating to own, collect and wear.

NOTE: If you would like a certain mounting that has already sold, please inquire as it is possible to recreate that same mounting for another coin.